Having good content structure is crucial to writing content that people can simply consume and understand. Having a good structure also makes the writing process less complicated for you. Here are the primary elements to well-structured content.

The Introduction

The beginning sentence of any article should be carefully crafted to catch attention. Readers should right away be able to grasp what the gist of the post is just by reading the 1st sentence.

Likewise, the first paragraph should expand on the initial sentence and get readers engrossed in reading the remainder of the content.

Let Them Know What to Expect

Before jumping into the meat of the content, let them know what can be expected in the remainder of the content.

This can be as detailed as “we’ll cover X, Y and Z now” to as simple as “here’s the easiest way to do X.”

The main thing is to prepare people to read whatever you are about to discuss.

Main Subject Points

Go throughout each of your topic points, one by one.

Make certain to separate your content into easily digestible bites. Don’t just write a 500-word article from top to bottom, but break it up into subsections and subheads.

Also make certain you word as many points of your content in “what’s in it for you” terms. Individuals should feel like you are talking straight to them.

It frequently helps to give a few different solutions, angles or opinions in your main points. If you are talking about investing for instance, give them 1 or 2 different strategies they can use.

Give examples. The more theoretical your article is, the less probable they’re to remember it a couple of weeks from now. Examples help take something that’s hypothetical and make it into something more concrete. People are frequently more certain to remember an example demonstrating a principle than just the idea.

The Conclusion

The last paragraph of your article is the conclusion. The conclusion should sum up everything you wrote about, and maybe restate the most vital point.

Occasionally it’s best to leave the user with a concrete piece of action they can instantaneously take at the end of the conclusion. At different times, the conclusion just wraps up the whole article pleasantly.

If you’re selling a product, the conclusion is where you should to put your call to action. Tell readers precisely what it is you want them to do. Be confident and make certain to summarize all of the main benefits to them taking action now instead of later on.

These are the main parts of great content structure. Following this structure will help to give your readers a good sense of what should be expected from your article and keep them engaged as they’re reading. It’ll also make it less complicated for you to arrange your thoughts into a coherent meaningful order prior to starting writing.

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