To say that information is powerful, in this day and age, would be an understatement. There are several different databases across a number of websites, amongst the most powerful being social media networks like Facebook. As of late, it was announced that said network will be releasing topic data to specific advertisers. For those who do not know, here are some of the major talking points that online marketing companies can draw your attention to.

SocialTimes published an article talking about Facebook’s recent rollout of topic data, which can be used by certain advertisers. What topic data allows these individuals to do is see what their consumers are talking about, what the hottest topics are amongst them, and just how much engagement is being done in regards to said topics. Initially, this service will only be able to particular entities in the U.S. and U.K., though it seems like this will change in due time.

It’s clear that advertising matters, especially when you think about how it translates to sales. Companies must be able to continually sell, which isn’t the easiest thing to do when you consider that business goals and consumer needs can be far apart from one another. With that said, though, I think that it’s important to look into how topic data can, specifically, carry itself out. Online marketing companies would be wise to make note of this.

One of the examples in question would be a fashion retailer utilizing topic data to see what the hottest trends are. When there are certain articles of clothing being talked about, according to firms like fishbat, that very retailer will be able to gauge just how much should be stocked. As this happens, there’s no doubt that greater sales can rise to the surface. This is the major reason why topic data matters to online marketing companies.

If topic data is used to a higher level, who knows what kind of success will be seen in the future? Companies should be able to appeal to their consumers, which isn’t always easy when there’s a lack of clarity on the matter. When this happens, a divide occurs, which shouldn’t be the case when you’re talking about long-term business strategies. Provided topic data is implemented properly, it’s possible that sales can increase to higher levels.

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Millions of people use Facebook. You are likely among them. If you are a business owner, you should understand that there are ways to reach a completely new sector of potential customers. This article provides some tips about how to market your business using Facebook.

Having a Facebook business page is the very first step. In order to know what your fans are looking for, frequently interact with them. Take note of things posted on your page. Other businesses that are successful have gained great marketing ideas from their audience. Don’t forget that your fan base is a pool of potential customers for your product.

To run a successful Facebook business page you also need to look professional. You can use sites like to get yourself a professional looking header that you can be proud of. Fill every hole in your page with descriptions, custom boxes and links to videos, websites and anything else you want.

Try to pack as much targeted content in your Facebook page as possible. Be sure that your content is related to your page or product. If you are promoting a weight loss product then only post content related to that niche. Don’t just promote and that’s it, be sure you are engaging and answering comments and putting funny content that people might enjoy. If you want even faster results consider using Facebook Ads to increase your following twice as fast.

Keep in mind that even though you’ll be using Facebook as a marketing platform to sell your products and services you still need to treat it as a social network. People are there to network and that’s exactly what you need to do. You need to create relationships with your followers by providing as much value as you possibly can. Hopefully the information in this article is helpful and you take advantage of these tips in your next Facebook marketing campaign.

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